Bethel CRC Saskatoon’s church services are available online. Join us live at 10:30 every Sunday to virtually worship with us, or watch the service through this page at a later time. On the top of the page you’ll find the latest service that is online and below you can browse through the catalog.

Sermon Name Sermon Series Time/Date Speaker
Grace The attributes of God October 28, 2020
Our Sovereign King The attributes of God November 1, 2020
Our All-Knowing God The attributes of God November 8, 2020
Children of the Promise Sermons November 15, 2020
Our All-Powerful God The attributes of God November 22, 2020
Fulfilled in Their Time Advent November 29, 2020
Offspring of the Virgin’s Womb Advent December 6, 2020
Joy, the Lord is Come! Advent December 13, 2020
The LORD is Gracious Advent December 20, 2020
Emptied Himself of All But Love Christmas December 25, 2020
The Need for Orderly Worship Sermons December 27, 2020
Not of Those Who Shrink Back Sermons January 3, 2021
Faith: The Assurance of Things Hoped For Sermons January 10, 2021
Abel and the Object of Faith Sermons January 17, 2021
By Faith Enoch Walked With God Sermons January 24, 2021
The Christian Worship: a Re-entering of the Garden of Eden Sermons January 31, 2021
By Faith Noah Dwelt Secure Sermons February 7, 2021
By Faith Abraham Looked Forward Sermons February 14, 2021
Faith: In Faithfulness of God Sermons February 21, 2021
By Faith Abraham Offered Up His Son Sermons February 28, 2021