Short Bio

Rafik has been serving at Bethel since November 2015. He loves the Lord Jesus Christ, and loves to proclaim the good news of who Jesus is and what He has done.


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Sermon Name Sermon Series Date Speaker
Abel and the Object of Faith Sermons January 17, 2021
Better Than Life Sermons March 21, 2021
By Faith Abraham Looked Forward Faith February 14, 2021
By Faith Abraham Offered Up His Son Faith, Sermons February 28, 2021
By Faith Enoch Walked With God Faith January 24, 2021
By Faith Noah Dwelt Secure Faith February 7, 2021
By Faith the Prostitute did not Perish Faith, Sermons June 13, 2021
By Faith the Walls Fell Down Faith, Sermons June 6, 2021
By Faith They Crossed the Sea Faith, Sermons May 30, 2021
Christ Our Advocate Sermons May 16, 2021
Devoted to Prayer Acts, Sermons August 22, 2021
Devoted to the Apostles’ Teachings Acts, Sermons July 25, 2021
Devoted to the Breaking of Bread Acts, Sermons August 8, 2021
Devoted to the Fellowship Acts, Sermons August 1, 2021
Dying in Faith Faith, Sermons March 7, 2021
Emptied Himself of All But Love Christmas December 25, 2020
Enduring by Faith in the Invisible God Faith, Sermons May 9, 2021
Faith Looking to Jesus Faith, Sermons June 27, 2021
Faith: In Faithfulness of God Faith February 21, 2021
Faith: The Assurance of Things Hoped For Faith January 10, 2021
Fulfilled in Their Time Advent November 29, 2020
Generous Hearts or Satan-Filled? Acts, Sermons August 29, 2021
Grace The attributes of God October 28, 2020
I Am the Resurrection and the Life Easter April 4, 2021
If My People Pray Sermons March 14, 2021
Joy, the Lord is Come! Advent December 13, 2020
Leap, You Lame, for Joy! Acts, Sermons September 12, 2021
Moses and the Choice of Faith Faith, Sermons May 2, 2021
Not of Those Who Shrink Back Sermons January 3, 2021
Offspring of the Virgin’s Womb Advent December 6, 2020
Our All-Knowing God The attributes of God November 8, 2020
Our All-Powerful God The attributes of God November 22, 2020
Our Sovereign King The attributes of God November 1, 2020
Proclaim Christ With Boldness Acts, Sermons September 19, 2021
Saved by Faith in the Passover Lamb Faith, Sermons May 23, 2021
The Courage of Amram and Jochebed Faith, Sermons April 11, 2021
The LORD is Gracious Advent December 20, 2020
The Opened Fountain Easter April 2, 2021
The Triumphs of Faith Faith, Sermons June 20, 2021